Valencia College

Valencia College is a public school in Orlando, Florida with 8 main campuses and the 9th campus of the school is expected to open in August 2019 in downtown Orlando. It is recognized as one of the best community colleges in the country and is awarded the Aspen Award for Quality Community Colleges.

Thanks to the average class size of 23, students have more opportunities to communicate directly with their teachers. Flexible study mode allows students to choose the study time that suits themselves or even learn online. Valencia also organizes a study abroad program for students to have the opportunity to experience life in another country.

The school has many support services for students in the learning process, including the FAQ Center, the focal point for students with general questions related to financial support, student support services. disability, personal counseling services and many other services. Each campus also has a Career Center that supports students how to write CV, grasp skills when interviewing and seek internship opportunities.

With more than 60 groups, clubs and societies from many disciplines ranging from sports to art, students have the opportunity to experience every aspect of student life. In addition, throughout the school year, the school also organizes a variety of events for students.

The office and international student service team provide international students with all the information they need from enrollment to graduation. Activities such as immigration seminars, jobs or cultural events are regularly organized and are places where international students meet and interact.

Studying in Florida makes it easy for students to travel to idyllic beaches with year-round sunshine or famous restaurants, shops and theme parks. Downtown Orlando has many impressive music stages as well as many clubs, bars and pubs where students can enjoy their evening time.

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