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Let me just start off by saying from the outset that this is most definitely NOT the type of holiday I’m at all used to. I’m usually the one walking along staring nosily at those sat on the boats moored in harbours – until the day came that that person onboard a luxury yacht, was me.

Myself and my boyfriend were very generously invited by a friend to join him on a rather large boat with a few friends for a 5 day luxury yacht trip along the French Riviera. I mean… you can’t quite turn down an invitation like that now can you?!

South of France


We arrived in Nice Airport bright and early and hopped in a cab to the marina. First trick of the trade, don’t get the cab driver to drop you near the big boats because they will without a doubt add around€20 onto the price of the fare, something we realised afterwards. We were welcomed on board by the lovely crew members and I promptly made myself at home on the top deck, armed with a bottle of sun lotion, a book and a bikini! Bliss.

South of France

Setting Sail…

Okay well we didn’t literally sail because it’s a motor boat and therefore doesn’t have any sails however the alliteration was favourable so I’m rolling with it. We cast off to a small audience that had gathered, the type of audience I have probably been a part of before. The next few days involved us travelling along the French Riviera, first stop being Antibes, a beautiful town on the coast with an amazing selection of restaurants to explore. On our way there we passed the house which apparently belongs to Abramovich which is located on the sea front and genuinely looks like a slightly smaller version of the White House. The great thing about travelling around by boat, however big or small, is that you can see all the beautiful houses and little towns that line the coastline in a way that you can’t observe from on land. So if you’re incredibly nosy like I am this is a great way to experience the French Riviera and all the luxury that coastline holds.

South of France

Visiting the Villa Rothschild

On one afternoon the sea was a little choppy so instead of bobbing around on the boat we headed inland to the Villa Rothschild. A preferable alternative to sea-sickness. This villa is one of the most exquisite I think I’ve ever seen, it’s exterior is painted pale pink and the grounds that surround it feel like a magical paradise that’s completely out of this world. The day we visited there was an evening wedding of extraordinary proportions being set up and I slightly fell in love with the idea of getting married there. There’s secret pathways adorned with exotic plants, a rose garden and musical fountains not to mention to mountain top location with panoramic views over two bays. You can visit the Villa during the day and enjoy the grounds from €10-13 a ticket and you’ll find it in Saint-Jean-Cap-Ferrat, an area of the French Riviera which feels and looks more like Italy than France!

South of France

Dinner in Monaco

On our third night we headed into Monaco, I’d never been beforehand but I’d heard mixed reports of what is was like. That evening we decided to be cliche boat dwellers and eat at the table on the back of the boat. Monaco is probably one of the best places I’ve been for people watching, not only could we have a little spy on our neighbours but the displays of couples walking down the promenade was pretty interesting. Let’s just say there were a number of ‘Sugardaddies’ and their other, much younger halves strolling along. So whilst people may have been stopping and starting along the quay taking a little look at all the boats, I think we were probably equally fascinated by the majority of people walking along. Monaco is a very odd place where wealth has created and defined the entire city.

TIP: If you are paying Monaco a visit make sure you do a run/walk around the Grand Prix Formula 1 track, even if you’re not remotely interested in supercar racing it does a pretty good little tour of Monte Carlo!


Clubbing in Cannes

Most days were spent doing all manner of water sporting activities off the back of the boat and watching people attempt the new craze of ‘Flyboarding’, where you have a jet pack strapped to your feet and if you’re good at it you’ll end up looking pretty suave like Iron Man and if you’re not you’ll just be wasting your €90 for a 20 minute session due to the monumental face plants you’ll be catching your breath in between. All in all it provides a pretty amusing sight out on the water. On the Saturday evening after a day like this we pulled into Cannes to be greeted by a beautiful golden glow shimmering off the old town. This evening we were to venture out off the boat to a restaurant and bar which at around 11 transformed itself into a nightclub called Le Baoli, the food was delicious. I’m not a big goer-outer (if that’s even a word) but with a good group of people it ended up being a really fun night out.

South of France

I think we managed to tick off most of the boxes compulsory to a luxury yacht trip in the South of France in the 5 days we were on board, we headed back to the airport a little dazed at how surreal the trip had been. It was a really fun 5 days and I loved experiencing a different kind of trip from one I’m used to, I have to say I can see why, if you can, they’re a popular trip to do, we saw so many places in such a short space of time. I don’t know whether if you’re used to that life it becomes less of a gawping match but despite being sat on the back of one of these boats I still found myself staring inquisitively at boats that were surrounding us in the harbour and the people on them. I’m still feeling very lucky to have been able to join a trip like this and hopefully this post gives a little insight into life on board!

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