By | August 18, 2015
We all love a little luxury, but not always the price tag attached. After staying in various luxury hotels around the world, I’ve come to discover there is not one but SEVEN cities where one can travel to lap up a little luxury for less. Here’s the top 7 cities to visit for cheap luxury hotels:

The 7 Cities to stay in Luxury Hotels for Less

Old Town Warsaw

1. Warsaw, Poland

The Polish capital is severely underrated as a tourist destination, but it certainly won’t stay a secret for long. Warsaw’s Old Town is packed with oodles of charm and the city as a whole has a unique history that will intrigue and delight simultaneously. The Hotel Regina is a fine example of luxury for less and is the great place to position yourself for a short break in Warsaw. Read more: Spotlight on Warsaw, Poland.


2. Lisbon, Portugal

Lisbon is fast becoming one of Europe’s must visit (before it gets too popular) capitals, but fortunately for luxury lovers it is still cheap in relative terms. WOW favourites include the Four Seasons Lisbon and theOlissippo Lapa Palace. Luxury hotels run around the $180 per night mark.


3. Budapest, Hungary

Budapest is without shadow of a doubt one of the most underrated cities in Europe. Not only that, it is also home to some of the best priced luxury hotel rooms in all of Europe. Rates in five star hotels can be found for around $180 per night. WOW highly recommends the Corinthia Hotel Budapest – home to one of the most decadent private hotel spas in the entire city.


4. Brussels, Belgium

Brussels is often used as an in-between stop for travellers going between France and Belgium or further on to the Netherlands, so many are delighted to learn that Brussels is a relatively cheap city in terms of luxury hotels. Why not splurge a little when it can cost you just under $200 to do so!


5. Prague, Czech Republic

Prague has quickly become the trendiest city to visit in Central Europe with hoards of travellers flocking here for the unique architecture, friendly Czech locals and whimsical frosty evenings crossing the Charles Bridge. Fortunately Prague is still cheap to visit in relative terms, with luxury hotels running at about $220 per night.

Berlin Cathedral

6. Berlin, Germany

Berlin is commonly considered to be a world away from the rest of Germany in cultural aspects and fortunately for travellers, its also a lot cheaper in terms of accommodation. Luxury hotels can be found for a little over $200 (average price around $231), so be sure to consider a sneaky upgrade from the norm!

Madrid Spain

7. Madrid, Spain

Last but certainly not least, the Spanish capital, Madrid, is bursting with loads of luxury hotel options at more affordable rates than most European capitals. Prices still scrape in just a few dollars under $250 a night in 5 star hotels.

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