Mesa Community College (MCC)

Mesa Community College (MCC) is located in Mesa, Arizona, USA and is the largest of the 10 Maricopa County Community College Colleges (MCCCD) – America’s largest County Community College about targets. The school prides itself on always placing the interests of its students and their success first and always supporting everything from online tutorials to academic advice.

The University offers 195 courses, degree programs and certificates to train students with the practical skills necessary for work in industries from Marketing to Latin Language. MCC also has dedicated career services to assist students with everything from career choices to preparation for interviews.

Students at MCC have the opportunity to participate in extracurricular activities to meet new friends, pursue interests or gain professional experience in the field of research. Student clubs and clubs include the Events Council, Japanese Club and Student Nurse Association.

The school has many on-site support services for students, to ensure the most comfortable learning experience possible. This includes a specialized service for students with disabilities, a security advisory room for all subjects, and financial information.

MCC has two main facilities. The Southern and Dobson campus has state-of-the-art facilities including an art performance center, art exhibitions, student center and a library. Meanwhile, the Red Mountain campus is located on a 90-acre site of the Sonoran Desert and has an impressive view of all kinds of plants from jojoba oil to 800 year old trees.

The quality of education is strong in the MCC, as evidenced by the fact that 98% of our graduates feel satisfied, and 97% of students say they will recommend their school to their friends.

Student awards and certifications for MCC at the KCACTF Regional Festival

More than 100 students of Theater Music and Cinematography Arts from Mesa Community College (MCC) took the exam with 70 other colleges in the Central Region Kennedy Academy’s Regional Theater Festival, held at MCC.

The festival recognizes and honors the best and richest works produced by university and college theater courses in the Region VIII KCACTF states: Arizona, Central and Southern California, Hawaii, South Nevada and Utah. There are about 45 colleges in the VIII region, which are 4-year training schools, and the others are 2 years.

Many students received awards and medals at the festival.

14 outstanding performance students and the desire to pursue a higher education path of MCC entered the semifinals of the Irene Ryan scholarship to be recognized, honored and financially supported.

Develop new areas for students

Center Kirk students are in the process of remodeling to organize services for students. The building will have a common living area for students to serve as a place for students to exchange classes.

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