Indiana University – Purdue Indianapolis University (IUPUI)

Indiana University – Purdue Indianapolis University (IUPUI) in Indiana, USA,

is considered the state’s leading research university in urban areas. By combining the resources of two prestigious universities and locations right in downtown Indianapolis, IUPUI offers students the opportunity to own prestigious degrees from Indiana University or Purdue University in an academic environment. Exercise facilities in urban areas. The school is ranked among the top universities for international students (U.S News & World Report 2018) and the top 15 universities in the country in terms of freshman experience.

UPUI was born with the merger of campuses and training programs of Indiana University and Purdue University. IUPUI’s strengths are a combination of community activities, innovative educational methods and breakthroughs in research.

The city of Indianapolis is famous for the annual Indianapolia 500 motor racing event held at Indianapolis Motor Speedway. In addition, this is also a great place to look for job opportunities. Many international companies, including Eli Lilly, Dow AgroSciences and Roche, set up offices here. Students can enjoy many interesting attractions of the city, such as international culinary restaurants, entertainment venues, festival events and many internship and job opportunities.

IUPUI is the home of nearly 30,000 students from 145 countries. The school offers more than 350 academic programs at 17 member schools.

There are many facilities on campus, including 6 libraries, 25-meter swimming pool, jogging track, football field and gym. There are also gaming rooms, hockey courts, table tennis, video games, stages as well as various dining venues in the evenings on campus. You can also access college-specific employment services, support from drafting CVs to applying for internship programs.

The school manages over 500 clubs, groups, sports teams, volunteer activities and events, including an annual late-year gala dinner.

Recently, IUPUI has developed the RISE initiative program for bachelor students. The goal of RISE is to encourage students to learn, as well as support learners to develop both academically and at work. Each student is encouraged by the school to complete at least two sections of the project.


Under the guidance of a member of the school team, you will be involved in research or implementing an art project.

International experience

Students will have the opportunity to travel abroad, thereby accumulating intercultural experiences right in the process of studying.

Devotion to learning

This initiative ensures that you will have a learning environment that is relevant to you in parallel with participating in community activities. Accordingly, students have just received help from the outside community, and gained the experience brought about by their dedication activities.

Learning experience

Students will be involved in community-based activities, such as internship programs, local business projects, and non-profit projects. You will then be able to apply knowledge to the real work context as well as develop skills such as problem solving, decision making, communication and career development.

The school also has partnerships with TechPoint. This partnership led to the creation of the Xtern Semester, a program that allows students to select and experience the corresponding work in the technology field. This term will be held in the context of a very competitive summer program, and students will be allowed by TechPoint to participate in an internship program with high quality salaries and free housing.

The school also develops a new technology and technology program on campus, encouraging students to be creative and thinking like business leaders. Through a series of classes, students will come up with solutions to a technical problem, build a prototype as well as participate in the patent registration process to protect their ideas. More than 100 students are currently attending these classes thanks to the support of the STEM Innovation Research and Education Institute of IUPUI, as well as part of the grant from Indiana Economic Development Corporation (Indiana Economic Development Corporation).

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