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No photos of this extravagant resort could ever do it justice. Located in the city of Scottsdale, the Fairmont Princess in Scottsdale Arizona feels as if it could be a city in itself. With over 600 rooms, multiple pools, an expansive day spa, and enough activities to last a lifetime. Here’s how I spent my whimsical weekend at the Fairmont Princess…


Checking-In to the Fairmont Princess

First things first: I’m late.

I’ve just spent my Saturday getting carried away at the nearby shopping mall outlet, so I arrive at the resort with minutes to spare before an afternoon meeting. I roll up to the lobby quick enough for my rental car wheels to screech, and almost fall out of the car proclaiming to the bellboy that “I’m late! Let’s make it a quick one!”.

He rushes me over to the lobby desk for check-in, the check-in guy is also made aware of my struggle to grasp the concept of time, and within moments I am whisked away to a waiting golf buggy – one of the many perks if you pay a little extra to upgrade yourself to “The Gold Section”. Sounds like a James Bond film? It’s anything but.

The Fairmont Princess is leaps and bounds lighter and brighter than anything you’ll find in a James Bond film. There are palm trees at every turn, golf carts whizzing guests around the property, men in pastel golf outfits, women in impressive poolside glam, and children running around the pools like it is school holidays. There’s a lot going on.

This is not the hotel to come to if you’re after a romantic, secluded getaway. But it is the hotel to come to if you want fun, activities, spa services, resort perks, and great food. But once you check in, you’ll find it hard to leave.

fairmont 2

The Room

My bellboy-turned-golf buggy driver drops me off at my room in the gold section in no time. He points out “The Gold Lounge” (executive club lounge) and assists me in taking my rooms to the first floor where my room is located. The room is spacious, neutral-toned and surprisingly feels homely.

A welcome chocolate display is on the counter for my arrival, plus some chocolate-covered strawberries which are soon all but gone.

The bathroom is almost the size of the room itself, so there’s plenty of room to move. In fact, this would be the perfect place for a Pretty Woman rendition.

Outside on the balcony I have a view of the golf course and the sun pours in throughout the day. All in all, I’m quite impressed that a property this large (600+ rooms) can make me feel so comfortable and at home.

fairmont 3

Around the Resort

As for the rest of the resort, there’s a lot going on.

If you’re looking to relax and unwind, there is no better place on property for you than the Well & Being spa. This multi-story day spa has a full treatment menu, aerial yoga classes, private PT sessions, and enough sauna + steam rooms to rival a Swiss Alps Spa.

For those wishing to get outdoors and enjoy the Scottsdale summer season, there is an 18 hole golf course, multiple pools (and pool bars), or you can book an outdoor adventure with the concierge (I highly recommend kayaking on the Salt river, a short 45 minute drive away).

As for eats, you can’t beat La Hacienda – the resort’s modern Mexican restaurant with enough flavour and personality to keep you talking about your meal for weeks to come.

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