By | August 18, 2015
1. If you don’t want to be bothered, put both headphones in – regardless of whether you’re listening to something or not
2. Pack less and buy what you need as you go, you’re going to be dragging each kilo up those metro stairs without any help
3. Take a notebook or laptop to dinner – dining solo can be quite the bore
4. Don’t speak – never make it obvious you don’t speak the language unless totally necessary, it will make you less of a target
5. Order a special meal on the plane – you get fed first!
6. Use body language if you don’t speak the language, it’s (almost) just as easy to communicate!
7. Take a few bandaids and gum in your handbag or daypack – the best way to make an instant friend in transit
8. Use Skype to stay connected with home – it’s free, quick, and easy to use
9. Download the best travel apps to make solo travel easier
10. Sign up for group activities every now and again
11. Use a tripod or any random ledge to take photos with yourself in the frame
12. Solo meals are the loneliest times – snacks are your friend and will prevent you spending so much time noticing you are alone

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